Let's Protect People

Like you, Boyd engineers embrace the opportunity—the responsibility—to help protect occupants in buildings that use our high-performance windows. We don't simply test our high impact windows; we follow the recommendations developed by the state of Florida.

High Impact Windows, ASTM & AAMA Tested

We test Boyd high impact windows using ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) methods E-1996-06 and E-1886-05 as mandated by AAMA 506-06. Because we follow established and proven testing methods, Boyd can continually improve the impact windows we engineer for hurricane regions. Our pursuit of ever-safer products for your buildings lets you better protect people against the most severe conditions.

Boyd Certified Impact Windows

Consider Boyd's selection of high impact windows and doors, along with our extensive testing for each product line:

We test Boyd high impact windows using mullions for continuous runs and receptors for easier installation. Ready for better high impact windows? Contact your Boyd rep.