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Boyd understands the threat of terror attacks and other explosions can leave your building occupants in grave danger. Our engineers strive to protect people by continually studying the latest AAMA windows blast testing procedures. Our research leads to safer blast resistant window systems, and our product lines include Certified Level 1 options—the safest rating available. We also offer Certified Level 2 options.

We conduct AAMA windows blast testing up to Certified Level 1 protection.Our AAMA windows blast testing ensures Certified Level 2 protection.

If your building project involves blast rated windows, we can help. Boyd's Blast products specialists will get familiar with your design and provide proper information and the best blast resistant window choices for your particular building. With Boyd, you'll know every window you use meets DoD or GSA Compliance requirements, from start to finish.

Stand stronger with Boyd—the leader in blast.

Blast Resistant Window Systems

Boyd offers a wide selection of blast resistant window systems. Each series is available with incredibly versatile installation options and meets requirements for GSA-TS01-2003, UFC 4-010-01 with changes 1, 22 2007, and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection:

AAMA Blast Window Expertise

Boyd believes training and guiding our customers on blast standards is just part of excellent service. As an AAMA Blast Task Force Committee Member and an AAMA Blast Education leader, Boyd is qualified to teach the latest AAMA windows requirements. We also offer DoD and GSA Compliance guidance and training, so you can stay current and up to code. We test all our blast rated windows series using proven GSA/ISC Performance Conditions Standards. And Boyd engineers numerous products that earn DoD and GSA Blast Ratings of Level 1 (the highest possible) and Level 2 (very high).

This AAMA windows blast testing diagram depicts our protection levels.

Blast Window Testing Examples

Here are some sample videos to demonstrate the GSA Compliance test results:

Level 1 Blast Protection
—safe; no hazard; glazing does not break. No visible damage to glazing or frame.

Level 2 Blast Protection
—very-high protection; no hazard; glazing cracks but is retained by the frame. Dusting or very small fragments near sill or on the floor acceptable.

Level 4 Blast Protection
—medium protection and medium hazard level; glazing cracks. Fragments enter space and land on floor and impact a vertical witness panel at a distance of no more than 10' from the window at a height no greater than 2' above floor.

Level 5 Blast Protection
—low protection; high hazard level; glazing cracks and window system fails catastrophically. Fragments enter space impacting a vertical witness panel at a distance of no more than 10' from the window at a height greater than 2' above the floor.

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