Let's Build on Experience

The Boyd brand carries a heritage of quality that began in 1961. Since we engineered our very first commercial aluminum windows and commercial sliding doors, Boyd has been earning our reputation by providing personalized service, high-performance products, timely delivery, and the industry expertise architects trust. From day one, our business strategy has been to exceed customers' expectations while always evolving to lead the commercial aluminum windows industry.

We've built Boyd Aluminum on the strength of experienced employees, each dedicated to providing customers the latest innovations in commercial sliding doors and aluminum windows. That and service. Every Boyd employee—from sales reps, designers, and engineers to plant workers, glass handlers, and final product inspectors—pledges attention to detail, ensuring each product we ship has Boyd-worthy precision, strength, and functionality.

Direct Assistance™ Pre-Construction Services

Boyd’s engineers are comfortable working directly with architects, designers, and specifiers when nailing down the details for your project's commercial aluminum windows and doors.

Sometimes a different perspective helps reveal new ways to execute a project. Our complementary Direct Assistance™ program is all about this high-level collaboration and service.

With Direct Assistance™, you'll have one contact who knows you and your project. Your Direct Assistance™ contact is available at your convenience to provide guidance and support like it’s our own project with our own reputation on the line. Whether you’re looking for historical replication, great U-values, or blast resistance, Boyd has the team to help create your vision.

The Direct Assistance™ Pre-Construction Services process provides you with:

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Crucial Certifications & Memberships

Fenestration of commercial aluminum windows and commercial sliding doors involves countless details: governmental regulations, regional codes, and various other compliance standards. We've earned the certifications and memberships you trust to stay current on ever-changing codes and requirements. You have an entire building project to worry about. Let Boyd handle the openings.

A founding AAMA member, Boyd helped establish AAMA window standards.

Boyd was a founding member of AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association). As a result, we have helped write the specifications that define today's AAMA windows and each AAMA rating. As a charter member of AAMA, Boyd proudly brings innovative procedures and commercial aluminum windows & doors to the building industry.

In fact, Boyd is affiliated with numerous organizations that define the commercial window industry's regulatory standards:

Impact, Blast, & AAMA Test Facilities

We can meet AAMA window standards for level 1 blast protection.We can pass AAMA window standards for level 2 blast protection.

We built Blast and Impact testing facilities on site, so we can certify that our products meet ASTM, AAMA, DoD, and GSA requirements. At Boyd's AAMA test facilities, aluminum window design and engineering come together. Our in-house, Test Lab Facility features state-of-the-art equipment. As certified AAMA charter members, we actually helped write the AAMA test standards. We use large- and small-missile impact testing methods and conduct Complete System Testing for windows, receptors, mulls, and subsills.

Boyd is able to test your custom configurations and provide you with complete system data. Let's talk about your specific air, water, structural, and impact-resistance criteria for the test data you need. After we know exactly what your project requires, we'll design a testing protocol suited for your windows.

LEED-Certified Windows Production

For LEED certified windows, Boyd follows LEED AP standards.Boyd understands the importance of LEED certified windows and the USGBC.Our experts in LEED certified windows are affiliated with the Missouri Heartland Chapter of the USGBC.LEED certified windows and the USGBC are critically important.

Environmental windows are no longer the wave of the future. The time for environmental windows is right now, and the energy-efficient and economic benefits are clear. As always, we're here to set the standard. Boyd is a long-time member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and we're always looking for ways to help meet your conservation- and cost-conscious objectives.

As the government provides more tax breaks, and in some cases imposes more stringent rules for using LEED-certified windows, green building projects become all the more appealing to architects and contractors. With the benefits of environmental windows, however, come added responsibilities and requirements. As you'd expect, Boyd is here to ease your workload. Our engineers continually study the latest requirements for LEED-certified windows, and we can handle all the details to ensure your building's LEED-certified windows are up to code.

Fenestration Facility Capabilities

Our NFRC affiliation lets us fenestrate excellent commercial aluminum windows.

To remain atop the commercial aluminum windows industry, Boyd recently expanded our facilities in Springfield, MO, and our affiliation with the NFRC leaves us more capable than ever to provide the service and product options our customers need, whether working at our place or yours: