Let's Spec Sustainable Innovation

As members and active supporters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Boyd has gained a clear understanding of which architectural resources will best benefit the community of architects we work with so often. In addition to supplying affordable, reliable commercial aluminum windows and doors, we offer architectural resources such as our CEP architect courses, which support breakthroughs in architectural design, and our time-saving Autodesk® Seek services for quick access to the BIM files and configuration details you need to accurately spec your building projects.

Autodesk® Seek Services for Your Convenience

As a service to the architectural community, Boyd uses Autodesk® Seek to provide product details on many of our trusted commercial window configurations. One quick search on Autodesk® Seek will let you see and download our specification docs, configuration drawings, BIM (building information modeling) files, or models for immediate use in your Autodesk Revit® or AutoCAD® design software.

Download architectural details about Boyd products listed on Autodesk® Seek, or access details for a specific product now:

Architect Courses for AIA Continuing Education

Boyd is proud to offer architect courses that meet AIA continuing education requirements. As an accredited AIA Continuing Education Provider, Boyd has designed our architect courses to expand your knowledge on topics that regularly impact commercial builds.

The following courses are available to AIA members:

The Essentials of Storefronts & Entrances
This learning unit (Architect Course Number 404108140-201 1) covers the fundamentals of commercial storefront and entrances. So you can efficiently, accurately specify the appropriate design for each project, this course will help you better understand storefront terminology, such as wind load and dead load, as well as master the key aspects of entrance door basics.

Window Replacement Solutions for Historic Buildings
Our second learning unit (Architect Course Number 404108140-101 1) explores window replacement design solutions for historical rehabilitation projects and will help you better understand historic codes and window rehabilitation plans. After passing the course, you will be prepared to knowledgeably maintain the character of any historic building while modernizing it with windows constructed to lower maintenance and increase energy efficiency.