Thermal Strut Windows Series

Boyd offers many options in our thermally efficient window product line.

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Let's Build for the Future

New, more stringent energy codes require commercial aluminum window systems to be more thermally efficient than ever before. Boyd’s new 3.25" thermal strut line, the Series 3250XT, is the low U-value window series that helps builders, contractors, and architects incorporate outstanding thermal efficiency into their creations.

The Series 3250XT windows provide outstanding thermal efficiency and some of the lowest U-Values in the industry. With a 3.25" frame depth and an industry-leading 39mm thermal strut, these windows dramatically isolate the outside aluminum frame to save energy, reduce condensation, and deliver proven performance over the life of the building. Series 3250XT windows are available with 1" and 1.75" glazing, snap-in glazing beads, and provides blast-resistance capabilities. The flush, sleek appearance is guaranteed to enhance your desired design aesthetic.

Thermal Strut Window Systems: Next-level Efficiency

The 3250XT Thermal Strut Window system is the model of thermal-window efficiency. With a deeper frame depth, .125" wall thickness, and a 39mm polyamide thermal strut, these windows deliver thermal efficiency that was once only dreamed of. It is the go-to option for ensuring the best energy-efficient windows in medical facilities, schools, office buildings, and other commercial applications. 

To design efficiency into your building with Boyd’s high performing thermal strut window systems, contact your Direct Assistance™ tech today.

Case Study: Boyd Series 3250XT & The 2030 Challenge

Boyd Thermal Strut Window Systems Advantages: